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The goal of this blog is to give both students and teachers a resource to be successful in the classroom. Access to the website is not a guarantee to becoming a success in social studies, nor is lack of access.


12/6 Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the 7th grade Social Studies blog for Sipsey Valley Middle School! My goal is to update this blog daily, but realistically I expect this blog to be updated 2-3 times weekly. This helps both parents and students. Most handouts I give will be available in the download section and information for days missed will be posted here. You can either get the information from the teacher or print directly from this site. I am very excited we have yet another way to communicate with each other! If you have any questions or concerns please use the form. To make sure you are confident the email is read and handled with appropriately all emails will also be sent the principal.

The first post, on Sunday night or Monday morning, will include the syllabus, hopeful weekly outlook and my email contact information.


1/9 - Welcome Back, Kiddos!
Today we will be reviewing class expectations, rules and guidelines. Once completed we will fill out an anticipation guide on the Executive Branch as an introduction.

1/10 - Executive Branch Webquest
Today the students will perform a basic webquest on the Executive Branch. By the end of the class the student will be able to list the qualifications to run for President of the United States.

Click here to go to the site for the webquest.

1/11 - Getting to know President-Elect Donald Trump
Today the students will work in pairs, or alone, and fill out information on President-Elect Donald Trump. Once they have completed the guided research packet each student will write a 5 paragraph essay citing the evidence they researched.

Click here to go to the official website for President-Elect Donald Trump

1/12 - President Obama's Farewell Speech
Today the students will watch President Obama's farewell speech and write 25 facts on it. We will do the same thing for President-Elect Trump's inauguration speech.

2/1 - Judicial Branch Webquest
Click here to go to the site to complete the The Judicial Branch Webquest

Once you have completed the webquest, turn it into your class period box and then do the following:

Court Quest on iCivics - Click here to play. Write 4 sentences explaining how you acted as a judge.

2/2 - Landmark Cases and Famous Supreme Court Justices

****Click here for Landmark Cases Webquest****

Click here for Famous Supreme Court Justices Webquest

iCivics.org - Court Quest

2/24 - Weather Webquest Links
Part 1: Tornadoes
Part 1: Tornadoes (second link)

Part 2: Drought
Part 2: Drought (second link)

Part 3: Wildfire
Part 3: Wildfire (second link)

Part 4: Blizzards
Part 4: Blizzards (second link)

Part 5: Tsunami
Part 5: Tsunami (second link)

Part 6: Volcanoes

3/22 - Sleepy Hollow, New York Webquest
Sleepy Hollow, NY Webquest Link

3/30 - Get to know your states
Play against a partner or play alone - up to you! See who can get the most right in the shortest amount of time.

States Click here

Spend 10 minutes on each area - Teacher will tell you when to change to next area

States to cover:
New England States
Mid-Atlantic States
Southern States
Great Lake States
Midwestern States
Southwestern States

4/3 - Hunger Games Districts Webquest
Click here